What We Do

Colibri will accelerate and scale the flow of capital to natural climate solutions

Colibri will reduce real and perceived risk to expand nature positive investment opportunities

  • deploy seed, patient and junior capital efficiently
  • demonstrate how investment in natural climate solutions can drive financial returns
  • amplify investor competencies to maximize impact

Colibri will deploy seed, anchor, patient and first-loss capital to vehicles investing in natural climate solutions.

What we invest in…

We will prioritize investments in emerging markets that contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation in the following sectors:

  • Food production

    Investments that increase food production in a sustainable manner (e.g. via agroforestry, silvopastoral systems, permaculture, precision farming, bio – based fertilizer and pesticides).

  • Timber and fiber production

    Investments in sustainable forest management, reforestation and forest restoration for production of timber, fibre and fuels.

  • Conservation and restoration

    Investments in conservation or restoration of natural ecosystems via regenerative business models that create value (e.g. carbon credits, non -timber forest products).

Our Impact (target per $100M deployed)

  • 100 SMEs created or supported
  • 5,000 jobs created (50% women)
  • 120,000 smallholders have increased income (30% women)
  • 80,000,000 tonnes of CO 2 sequestered and avoided

  • 30% of investees are women -led
  • 100% of investees have gender policy commitments and implementation plans
  • 2,000,000 hectares of land under long -term sustainable management
  • 1,000,000 hectares of high conservation value land protected in perpetuity
  • 1,000,000 hectares restored
  • 600,000 people benefit from improved livelihoods opportunities and resilience (50% women)
  • USD 500M to 800M of private sector capital leveraged